For the last 18-months (give or take), we’ve all been living in a world that we never imagined. We’ve been locked up at home, away from our friends and family. Even if you wanted to say yes to yourself, there wasn’t an option to do so — your other obligations were prioritized, for obvious reasons, and everything was shut down.

Now the world is slowly but surely making its way back to normal, but mothers are still homeschooling their kids while working. Others are feeling the financial strain the past year ensued. There’s a solid chance that you don’t have the choice or frankly, the capacity to say yes to yourself right now.

No matter your situation, now IS the time for you to say yes. Ask yourself, “What can I do to fill MY cup?” Whether you’ve enjoyed it or not, you’ve been forced to invest time, energy, and fun into all of your other obligations… and once again, you’ve landed with yourself on the back burner; feeling tired, drained, and with nothing left to give.

Sounds like every woman in the world, doesn’t it?

Raise your hand if you feel guilty when you say YES to yourself.


Most women feel guilty for saying yes to themselves. Why is that?!

It feels like we’re letting someone else down or letting another obligation slide if we put ourselves first. I mean, it’s ingrained in all of us. We’re supposed to be empathetic, nurturing and selfless people. And WE ARE. We take care of everybody around us… even if it’s at the sacrifice of taking care of ourselves, which is so often the case.

And what are you left with? You’re empty and depleted, lacking the zest for things that once lit you up with excitement. Constantly giving makes your well run empty.

You have to say YES to yourself. Loud and proud!

Self care is not selfish. Say YES to the things that fill you up, and a resounding no to the things that drain you. When you can do that, you’ll feel better and it helps you show up better to all those other obligations.

Today, we challenge you to say YES to putting yourself first. What are you going to do that’ll fill your bucket just a little more today?

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