Mindfulness Practice for Children

What is mindfulness practice for children? Mindfulness is the explicit training of attention. Children can learn to focus using their breath or sounds. Mindfulness is developing emotionally positive states such as kindness, compassion and gratitude. Experiences and activities can be facilitated to help children feel their positive emotions. Training children to regulate their responses to impulses is also part of mindfulness. Children can be directly taught to practice letting go of reactivity and coming from a place of greater ease, stability, and wisdom. This can help with impulsiveness. Mindfulness is psychoeducation which includes teaching children through experiences to understand their internal life and behavior. 

As a parent you can start to help your child cultivate mindfulness by participating in Kids Kindness Camp at Rising Goddess Fitness. Our camp is taught by adults certified in education, mindfulness education, yoga, aerial fitness and group fitness. The bonus for our February camp is that parents or besties can go to Neat Bar + Kitchen for dinner, five minutes down the street. And double bonus is to mention that your kiddos are at RGF Kids Kindness Camp and you receive a free glass of wine!

Learn more about our Youth Kindness Camp on Friday, February 14th.

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