What inspires you?
I look for inspiration everywhere, from both inside of me and from external forces as well. I think what inspires me most though is the people who redirect me to look inside, and challenge the negative thoughts that may be floating around my brain. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the other amazing dancers in my classes, mid 2000s music videos, and from my old gymnastics/ cheerleading days when I was a kid.
What brought you to RGF?
What brought me to RGF was finding it on Google while at work, and I could not stop thinking about how amazing the community RGF looked like it was building from the outside, and I was very excited to add another sport to my arsenal. No lie, I would google RGF everyday at work before I joined to look at all the pictures over and over again.
What do you enjoy doing outside of the studio?
Outside of the studio, right now, I am finishing up the school year as a 2nd grade teacher (I’m a long term sub), and I also work at one of the school’s before and after school programs so coming to the studio is my favorite break, not to mention RGF has been my most important tool for self care during this time.
What is your favorite thing about pole/aerial dance?
My favorite thing about pole dance and aerial dance as a whole is physical accomplishments. I love building on skills until I can completely and comfortably do them. My favorite non-physical thing about pole dance is cheering on the amazing women in my classes – y’all should see those ladies, they’re incredible.

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