May Student Spotlight


Tell us something about yourself! What do you enjoy doing outside of RGF?

I absolutely love fire dancing and grotesque/gothy/daring side show performance! I often pair this with burlesque or belly dance in clubs around the Chicago area. I have not been able to do this sort of thing since last month so now, outside of RGF I am relearning several instruments, working on digital art and painting when I’m not training new tricks or working on my grad school thesis! 🙂

What brought you to RGF?

I used to live in Ireland so when RGF FIRST opened up all those years ago and there was only one little studio…. (I’m an O.G. member!)… I recognized the symbol and the down turned triangle shape immediately (from New Grange tombs) and it made my heart sing to see such profound accuracy. I knew the attention to detail that RGF would have was sure to be stellar from that alone. Since RGF is literally around the block from my parent’s house, I took it as a sign and knew it was for me right away!

What is your favorite song to free dance to?

Oh this is too hard! I guess I will have to pick the songs I’m known to perform with often.

Fast: Mortis – Parasite God or Gary Numan’s: My Name is Ruin

Slow: Matt King – Eden’s Apple or Tito and the Tarantula’s “After Dark”

What advice do you have for someone just starting their aerial journey?

Don’t beat yourself up if today’s not your best.
Don’t push too too hard if your body needs rest.
Take nice deep breaths and take a few breaks.
Be kind to yourself if your body aches…

[And please remember that]
Age is just a number
And strength can be gained
Be consistent! Believe!
Anything you want can be trained!

Each journey is different so focus on self,
and leave all those hang ups up on a shelf.