March Student Spotlight

Erin M.

Tell us something about yourself! What do you enjoy doing outside of RGF?
As evidenced by my Instagram posts I cook and bake constantly. Aside from that, I’m aspiring to be literate in all things IT because I wish I was as brilliant as the software engineers I talk to every day. I’m taking courses in ethical hacking and I’m self-taught in a little bit of front end web development.
What brought you to RGF? 
I moved out of the city 4 years ago and needed a new home to continue pole. I chose RGF because they had a structured curriculum my previous studio didn’t have and I knew I would be able to advance my skills further if I put in the work.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Singapore, entirely for the food.
What advice do you have for someone just starting their aerial journey?
If you commit and really stick with aerial, the advanced moves you see others do that make you say “I will never get that in my life” will eventually become your reality. I almost quit several times when I was still a beginner but I’m glad I didn’t.

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