Youth Classes (ages 9-17)

For Teens

Aerial Flight

Your child will learn to fly in this multi-apparatus class which includes developing acrobatic and dance skills on Aerial Hammocks, Aerial Hoops and through ground-based movement! This class is a fun way for children ages 9-17 to explore their natural playfulness and creativity while also developing strength and flexibility.

For Kids

Hula Hoop Fitness

Our hula hooping classes for kids and teens (ages 9-17) are not only a total blast, but they also help improve coordination, increase flexibility and build core strength! Your child will experience the excitement of hoop dance, which will include learning how to move in and out of the hoop while incorporating fun tricks!


Acro Pole Silks

This class is specifically designed for kids and teens (ages 9-17), allowing for increased strength, flexibility and confidence as students explore aerial silks attached to a vertical pole!