Ready for a little “Goddess” in your life?

Our Aerial Awakenings Intro Package is the perfect way to dip your toes in the water before committing to a full membership at the studio. This package allows you to sample several of our class types, so you can discover the classes that you love the most!

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Janelle - Natalie 413x376
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We’ve got a special treat for you!

Use the code “awaken” at checkout to receive $10.00 off your Aerial Awakenings Package!

About Our Aerial Awakenings Package

  • Includes your choice of six classes at the studio.
  • Select from any of our Aerial Snapshot Classes, Tier 1 Level Classes and any Supplemental Classes.
  • Once you’ve taken at least one Snapshot or one Tier 1 class, you are also eligible to try any Tier 1.5 classes on the schedule, too. This package is 50% off our normal pricing!

Once you purchase the package, simply use your credits within 6 weeks from the sale date. Once your package is used or close to expiring, you will be eligible for a special discount on our membership programs!

Pricing: $74.00 for 6 classes (use “awaken” code at check-out to receive your discount!)

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