The Goddess Experience

About Our Vision

Our vision at Rising Goddess Fitness is to provide our students with a safe, fun and supportive fitness environment where they feel open to expression, are encouraged to challenge themselves physically, have the opportunity to form meaningful friendships with their classmates and feel empowered by their successes. Our facility serves as a healthy outlet for our students to step outside of their hectic daily routines to invest well-deserved time into themselves so that they leave our studio doors feeling mentally recharged, emotionally confident and physically strong.

What We Offer

Although our specialty is aerial arts fitness, we recognize the importance of cross-training and the need for access to a variety of fitness options. Variety is essential to a successful exercise program, not only for a more diverse fitness regimen but also to keep things fresh and exciting.

Our program allows students to select from a multitude of aerial and ground-based class options, either on an A La Carte basis or through membership. Our studio is an all-inclusive fitness destination with class options that extend beyond those you may find at your local gym. They are creative, uniquely challenging and offer the newest modalities for fitness. Feeling adventurous? Consider pole fitness! Prefer a more traditional fitness option? We offer various types of flexibility and cardio based classes. Want to bring out your playful side? Try one of our Hooping classes! With our wide array of unique class offerings, you may consider ditching your gym membership all together!

What Makes Us Unique

Aside from our diverse class offerings, Rising Goddess Fitness stands apart in the following ways:

  • Our entire program was developed with the typical fitness student’s needs in mind, allowing for flexibility in terms of time commitment and pricing. We recognize that you may want to switch up your fitness regimen periodically. Our flexible enrollment program allows you to do just that.
  • We focus on differentiated instruction, meaning you get the individualized attention you deserve without being lumped into a rigid curriculum structure. This allows you to grow with the program as opposed to the program dictating your pace of growth.
  • Our program is not only affordable but is structured in a way that allows for easy understanding of our pricing options.
    Membership with us gives you outstanding perks – we truly value you as a member of Rising Goddess Fitness and want to reward you accordingly.
  • Our instructors are knowledgeable, personable and supportive. They will always have modifications available so that you remain adequately challenged and engaged, whether you are a beginner or advanced student. This is all about you.
  • We will never overcrowd a class. You aren’t just a number to us – you are a part of our community and we want you to learn in a safe environment with the full attention of your instructor.

If we haven’t addressed all of your questions above regarding our studio, feel free to visit our FAQ page as well.