4th Anniversary Showcase (Performers)

It’s Your Time to Shine! Sign-up to Perform!

Celebrate RGF’s 4th birthday by performing in or attending our studio showcase event!

Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017

Time: Doors Open at 6:00pm. Showcase will begin at 6:30pm.

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“What’s the theme?”

There are no limitations to your imagination. Anything goes! Costuming is not required but is encouraged.


“Can performers invite guests? What if I’m not performing but still want to attend?”

Tickets for guests of performers and all other non-performers are $20.00 which includes one beverage ticket. Space is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets ASAP. Performers do not need to purchase a ticket for themselves. All attendees must be 18 and over.


“How do I register as a performer?”

Registration is easy! Simply click on the “Registration” tab on this page and fill out the form! If you are viewing this on mobile, you will need to scroll to the top and expand the tabs.


“Do I have to be an active member to perform?”

Yes! Participation in the showcase is open only to active members and instructors at the studio. If a performer does not have an active membership at the time of the showcase, they will be removed from the line-up and their card on file will be charged $20.00.


“What if I want to perform multiple times?”

You’re awesome! However, in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to sign up, you may only sign up for one performance slot prior to 9/30/17. After 9/30/17, if spaces remain, you are welcome to sign up for a 2nd performance slot. We will notify all performers of any second performance opportunities after 9/30/17.


“Is there a fee to register as a performer?”

Nope. However, if you secure a time slot to perform and then back out prior to the event, your card on file will be charged $20.00. In the event a group backs out, each person in the group will have their card on file charged $20.00.


“Can I perform in a group?”

You are welcome to perform solo or in a group of up to 4 people. If you are doing a group performance, you only need to register once. However, please be sure to indicate the names of the people in your group when registering. If you are performing in a group, you will still only have access to two apparatuses during the performance.


“Do I receive Perkville points for performing?”

You bet! Each performer will receive 30 points following the event. Not sure what Perkville is? Learn more here.


“Are there any restrictions on my music choice?”

Your song length must be 4 minutes or less. All song choices must be submitted by filling out the Song Submission form on this page no later than 10/6/17 or your Perkville points will be forfeited.

If you are using a self-edited version of a song, you must email that version to us in MP3 format no later than 10/6/17. Please email students@risinggoddessfitness.com with your final edited song file. Repeat songs will not be permitted among performers. Therefore, songs will be assigned on a first come, first served basis so be sure to submit your choice as soon as you’ve selected one!


“Do I need to submit a bio?”

Absolutely! Tell us a little about yourself, your journey at the studio and/or your performance piece. Bios should be submitted to students@risinggoddessfitness.com no later than end of day on 10/20/17 or your Perkville points will be forfeited.


“Will I get pictures or a video of my performance?”

We want you to see how amazing you are! RGF will be hiring a professional photographer and videographer for the event. We are excited to offer each performer photos and a video of their performance at no cost to the performer.


“What are my options for practicing and getting feedback?”

We want you to feel comfortable performing so this year there are several options to select from as you prepare for the showcase. Feel free to select any or all that work best for you. Here are the options:


Option 1: FREE Showcase Open Access

We have scheduled some free open showcase practice times where each person signed up will have the use of one apparatus. No feedback will be provided. This is simply a time to practice. We recommend bringing earbuds for your phone or ipod so you can listen to your music without distraction. You may sign up for Showcase Open Access by looking on the “Showcase” tab in our app or MindBody. Because space is limited and out of courtesy to other performers that could use the practice time, if the open access is sold out and you do not show up, you will be charged $10.00.


Option 2: Showcase Feedback/Practice Sessions

We are excited to offer special Showcase Feedback and Practice Sessions. During these 75 minute sessions, which are limited to 5 performers/groups at a time, you will receive feedback from an RGF instructor on any component of your performance that you desire (costuming, choreography, music, etc.). These sessions are basically small-group semi-privates. Each session will end with the opportunity for at least one full run through of your performance. The cost is $25.00 per 75-minute session for solo performers and $35.00 per group. A minimum of 3 performers must sign up for a session to run. You may sign up for Feedback Sessions by looking on the “Showcase” tab in our app or MindBody.


Option 3: Book a private or semi-private lesson

If you need more personalized attention or want specific help that can’t be achieved in a group setting, we offer private and semi-private lessons at the studio with the instructor of your choice. Contact us at students@risinggoddessfitness.com if you’d like to set one up.


Option 4: Dress Rehearsal

We will hold an optional (free) dress rehearsal on the evening prior to the Showcase (11/3/17). Sign-ups for that will be up shortly.


“Which space will be used for the Showcase?”

We will be holding the showcase in Studio B this year. All performances, including aerial, will be held in the Studio B pole room.


“If I’m doing an aerial performance, can I select which apparatus I want?”

Aerial performers will be able to consult with us to select their preferred hammock or aerial hoop and height.


“If I’m performing on pole, which poles will be used and are they on spin or static?”

If you are facing the mirrors in the studio space, the 2 middle poles will be used. You may select if you would like them both on static or one placed on spin. If you would like one on spin, it will be the pole to the right when facing the mirrors.


“Anything else that’s important to know?”

We will be creating a private Facebook group for performers so we can share information with you as the event approaches. It will also be a place to encourage each other and ask questions of us!


“I hate choreography. Can I freestyle?”

Absolutely! We support whatever makes YOU feel most comfortable.


“This is my first time performing and I’m so nervous. Any advice?”

We promise this is an absolute safe, encouraging and wonderful way to perform. You’ll be surrounded by your fellow Goddesses, cheering you on the enter time. You’ve got this![/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Registration”][/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Song Submission”][/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Bio Submission”][/lvca_tab][/lvca_tabs]

Purchase your tickets now before they sell out!

Price: $20.00

Note: Performers do not need to purchase a ticket for themselves. There will be no “physical” tickets. Ticket purchasers should provide their name at the door. If you purchase tickets on behalf of others, they should provide your name so that your ticket count can be confirmed.