Raise the Barre

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Join your instructor as she leads you through a barre-based work-out that includes ballet, yoga, and pilates all fused into one amazing class! This class will have a deep emphasis on pilates with a focus on core strength, lower body conditioning, and general healthy alignment and posture.
The barre will be used as a prop as you work each muscle group to the point of fatigue followed by stretching which will improve active flexibility as a great cross training program for all aerial apparatuses.

Class Attire: Typical workout or yoga gear such as leggings, tank tops or t-shirt are appropriate.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $22.00 for a one-time class or $21.00 per class with the purchase of a five-class package (expires 3 months from date of purchase).

Registration is required to attend class. Any cancellation occurring within 18 hours of a class start time, including no-shows, will not receive a refund.

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