Party FAQs

Party FAQ’s

“Do we need to have any prior fitness or dance experience?”

No prior experience is required! Our instructors are experts at breaking down moves and are there to ensure you have a great time. Just come with an open mind and ready to have a blast!

“What should we wear?”

Leggings or yoga pants are appropriate for all of our parties! If you are attending an aerial hammocks party, please wear a shirt that covers your underarms (the shirt can be long or short-sleeved). This will help you to move more easily through the hammock fabric and will prevent the fabric from causing friction on your skin. If you are attending a party with a combination of these class types, we recommend dressing in layers. Parties will be held in bare feet or socks. Please do not wear any jewelry as it can damage the pole surfaces and hammock fabrics.

“How do I book my party?”

Call the studio at (630) 824-7485 or send us an electronic inquiry using the Party Request Form. It is recommended to book your party as far in advance as possible to guarantee your preferred date is available.

“Are non-participating guests (observers) permitted?”

Yes, as long as they are female. Non-participating guests will not be included in the minimum guests required under each party plan. Non-participating guests will be charged $10.00 per person.

“Should I tip my party instructor(s)?”

Tips are always a wonderful gesture and are truly appreciated by our hard-working instructors. Tips, of course are optional and are at your discretion.

“When are parties held?”

Parties can be held anytime that studio space is available. However, the most popular time slots for adult parties are Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings. The most popular youth party time slots are Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Regardless of what day and time you prefer, contact us and we will work with your time requirements to get your event scheduled!

“What happens once I put down my deposit?

Let the party planning begin! Your non-refundable deposit of $100.00 will reserve your party date and time. Once a deposit is received, we will contact the party hostess with all of the party details. We will provide you with all the information you need to pass along to your guests so we can be sure your event turns out perfectly and exactly as you envisioned! The balance of the party cost (in full) will be due one week prior to the event.

“Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks?”

Yes. You may arrange to book the lounge area to use after your party ends. The lounge is booked in 30 minute increments at a rate of $50.00 for every 30 minutes. If you are adding the lounge booking onto your party reservation, you may want to consider arriving a little early to set up your food and beverages. Alcohol is not allowed in the studio. Please note that food is not allowed in the actual classroom space but you are welcome to eat and drink in our student lounge and lobby areas.

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