Aerial Dance Camp: A Circus Camp Adventure - for Kids Ages 9-12

Join us for an aerial dance summer camp experience that your child will never forget! She'll make friends, build confidence and most of all have FUN! 

Completely Empowering!

During this amazing 5-day, 25 hour camp experience your child will learn acrobatic skills and transitions on three apparatuses!:

  • Aerial Hammocks
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Hula Hooping

A Week FULL of Learning, Fun and Bonding!

Under the supervision of our experienced staff and studio owners, your camper will have fun, develop new and exciting skills, and grow in confidence.

On the final day of camp, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their new skills as their family watches in awe!

Session Dates:

July 16 - July 20, 2018

Aerial Dance Camp is available for children ages 9-12 and runs Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 2:oopm.

What Makes Camp at Rising Goddess So Exciting?

Laura C.

Mom of Rising Goddess Camper

My daughter absolutely loves Aerial Hammock at Rising Goddess. When we signed her up for the camp last summer she was quite nervous, but after the first day she had fallen in love with aerial dance. 

Aerial Hammock classes at Rising Goddess have really improved her self-confidence. She is more willing to try different physical exercises. It has also been great for her flexibility and strength. I really appreciated the other aspects that Rising Goddess added to the summer camp: the daily self-reflection exercise provided fantastic feedback (for both my daughter and me) about how she was feeling, physically and emotionally, about her experiences at camp. The kind thoughts that the girls put into each other's bags on a daily basis was supportive and empowering as well. We feel fortunate to have access to this fun, unique and challenging activity.                                

​Camp Tuitiion
Includes the entire week and only amounts to $13.00/hour of camp!

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