New Student FAQ’s

“When can I begin? Do I need to wait for the start of a session?”

You may begin at any time! There’s no need to wait for the start of a “session” or the start of a new month as our classes run continuously and without any “off” weeks. Our class format allows our students flexibility, providing the ability to regularly mix and match the types of classes taken, which keeps content fresh and provides a diverse cross-training opportunity.

“What is a ‘Foundations Class’?”

All of our Pole and Aerial classes are run on a progressive basis. New students begin in our Foundations classes which are held on each apparatus so that you may try out the class and continue to build confidence week after week prior to joining a Tier 1 class once you become a member of the studio.

“What do I need to do to enroll in Tier 1 classes eventually?”

Our tiered classes are reserved for our members. After you have a few Foundations classes under your belt and become a member you may enroll in  any of the Tier 1 classes on our schedule.

“How long are your classes?”

Our entry level Pole and Aerial classes are 60 minutes in length. Our Cross Training Classes are between 50-60 minutes in length, depending upon the class type.

“What if I need to cancel my class?”

We understand that things come up. But please note that many of our classes are on wait lists with others eager to give the classes a try. Any late cancel (cancellation occurring within 18 hours of your class start time) or failure to show up for your class will result in a $12.00 charge. As a courtesy, you will be provided a one-time exception on your first instance of late cancel or no-show.

“What’s the difference between your ‘Aerial Yoga Sculpt’ and ‘Aerial Hammock’ classes”?

Both classes utilize a U-shaped fabric suspended from the ceiling. Our Aerial Yoga Sculpt class is a special blend of Aerial Yoga mixed with strength and flexibility conditioning. In this class, you will use the fabric as a strap for support in poses. Our Aerial Hammock classes are our specialty! They are fun, uplifting and dance-focused. In this class, you will utilize the fabric to explore circus-inspired skills that have been modified for a beginner. Both class types are a great mix of being fun and challenging!

“I’m nervous! I don’t have any dance experience. What if I’m not in shape or not strong enough?”

ALL of our classes are designed to accommodate your current skill and fitness level. If you are a beginner, you will start at the very beginning of the program along with other students that are at a similar experience level as yourself. No prior experience is required and our classes are for students of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. In fact, most of our students begin with no prior fitness experience at all. It’s our job to help you build the strength needed over time – you are not expected to have that strength upon first walking in our doors! As you progress, you will be amazed at the tremendous growth you will experience in terms of the strength, flexibility and endurance you will develop. Our amazing instructors are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and all are trained through the concept of differentiated instruction – meaning our program is designed to work with each individual student at her particular level. Our studio environment and philosophy is based upon positivity, encouragement and most of all having fun while getting an incredible workout. Our goal is to have you leaving the studio feeling confident, empowered and super excited to return!

“Will I fit in with the rest of the class? What type of students are at your studio?”

Absolutely! Our classes are filled with everyday people just like you. It is normal to feel a little nervous on your first day, but all jitters will dissipate when you step foot into our welcoming studio. The classroom environment is light-hearted, warm and inviting. With every week that you attend, your bond with your classmates will strengthen and your love of this type of fitness will grow. Eventually you will wonder how you ever lived without it in your life!

“Am I too old to start aerial dance?”

No! We cannot emphasize this enough. Women of all age ranges love the benefits of aerial dance. In fact, there are women who started aerial dancing in their 50’s and 60’s that are now national competitors. Aerial dance focuses on strength building exercises that are incredible for maintaining bone structure. Every student is encouraged to learn at her own pace. The most important thing is to have fun and reap the benefits of the highly effective workout that aerial dance offers.

“What happens after I take my first class?”

After you’ve finished your first class with us, you will be eligible to upgrade to our 30 Day Unlimited New Student Package at a discount within FIVE days of taking your class!