Fabric Fit: Flex & Firm (Co-Ed)

Fabric Fit: Flex & Firm ClassOur Fabric Fit class is the perfect mix of strengthening and stretching. This class includes a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your core, legs and upper body all while utilizing the Aerial Hammock! We will also stretch away all of the natural stress that accumulates in the body as a result of every day life.

Stretching will have a strong focus on the legs, hip flexors and shoulders. The hammocks provide physical support to students, allowing for deeper stretching than is possible without the use of the apparatus. Class will end with a relaxing meditation in the hammock with the option to use Young Living Essential Oils to enhance the relaxing experience.

Class Attire: Please do not wear clothing with zippers or anything that could potentially tear or snag the hammock material. Jewelry, including rings, bracelets and earrings may not be worn during class. Please wear leggings or workout pants that cover the backs of your knees. Students should wear a shirt with sleeves to protect their underarms. Class is held barefoot or in socks.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 50 minutes

Pricing: $18.00 for a one-time class or $15.00 per class with the purchase of a four-class package (expires within 8 weeks of the purchase date).

Sign-ups close 24 Hours prior to class start time. Registration is required to attend class. Any cancellation occurring within 24 hours of a class start time, including no-shows, will not receive a refund.

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Making the decision to join Rising Goddess Fitness has done wonders for my self-confidence, body image, overall health and well-being.
Allison M.