Cross-Training Classes

Our Cross Training classes offer an opportunity to supplement your pole and aerial journey with more specialized focus. We have cross training classes that address strength training, core development, lower body focus, flexibility, cardio and choreography!

Hoop Fitness (Co-Ed)

Hooping tones muscles, increases stamina, sheds pounds, improves coordination, increases flexibility, and reduces stress — all while making working out feel like fun!

Around the Bend

Did you know that the stronger your muscles become, the tighter and less flexible they become? It’s important that your workout has a solid balance of strengthening and flexibility conditioning. Come stretch out those much-deserving muscles with us!

Raise the Barre

Enjoy our barre-based work-out that includes ballet, yoga, and pilates all fused into one amazing class! This class will have a deep emphasis on pilates with a focus on core strength, lower body conditioning, and general healthy alignment and posture.

Cardio Mash-Up

This upbeat class will include a mix of cardio-based dance styles designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving! Currently, we offer two different  mash-ups: Bollyx + POUND® and Bollyx + WERQ.

Power-Up: Pole

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Perfecting your pole inversions and gaining strength for those advanced pole skills takes consistent work. This class is available for those desiring an extra focus on strength training and is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced pole students.

Eye Candy

Imagine being able to create seamless, beautiful movement around and on the pole. Take your pole flow up a notch as we explore choreography that incorporates spins, transitions, floor work and off-the-pole movement.