Acro Pole Silks

This class is specifically designed for children and teens (ages 9 – 17). This unique and fun aerial workout builds strength while playing with aerial silks that are attached to a vertical pole! Students will learn multiple wraps and holds with the fabric that will allow them to create beautiful poses and aerial combinations.

Class Attire: Shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts are appropriate. Class is held barefoot or in socks.

Prerequisites: Parental consent required before the first class

Duration: 50 minutes

Pricing: Select from an A Single Class Option, A La Carte package or one of our Monthly Recurring Packages for more savings.

Sign-ups close 12 Hours prior to class start time. Registration is required to attend class. Any cancellation occurring within 24 hours of a class start time, including no-shows, will not receive a refund.

Ready to fly, flip and flow? View our class schedule and register your child for Acro Pole Silks.


My daughter loves aerial hammocks. I’ve tried to get her interested in pilates and yoga, but this is the first time she is truly enjoying building core strength.
RGF Parent